Bryan Sloyer Presents the short film QUEEN!

Bryan Sloyer has worked with great fight choreographers like EMC Monkeys and Emmanuel Manzanares, but this time he steps largely behind the camera for this atmospheric short about The White Queen who battles her way to her King, who is being used by The Dark King and his Bishop to draw her out. The queen finds that she must battle through an army of pawns in order to face the Dark King…

Such a great short. Moody in all the best ways, I was engrossed from the beginning and that music that opens the film is just perfect. The fights themselves are well staged and brutal in places. I can’t wait to see what Bryan Sloyer and company have next!

Starring Amy Sturdivant, Michael Lehr, Jeremy Tristan, Jay Kwon, with additional stunts by Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, and Alex Duong.