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Bryan Sloyer has a trick up his sleeve with The Magician! (2017)

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Directed by Bryan Sloyer

Fight Choreography by Bryan Sloyer.

Starring Jay Kwon, Jerry Quill, Amy Sturdivant, Bryan Sloyer, Kiera O’Connor, Katie O’Donovan, Kyle Potter,  Trevor Logan, Andrew Franklin, Narayana Cabral, Allen Quindiagan, Yoshi Sudarso, Mark Miscione, Graham Hooper, Lee Chesley, Yavuz Topuz, Armand Rabanal, Nick Krawiec, Jonathan Wong Just Vancho


Bryan Sloyer does it again. He’s really growing as a filmmaker/stuntman right before our eyes. I think it’s only a matter of time for this guy to get a feature film, and I would be the first in line for it! This film, takes place in a single room, but I guarantee you can’t take your eyes off of it. The camera work is tremendous, particularly with the “magic” tricks the fighters pull off. Major props to all involved! The action is fluid despite the camera cuts, and has a great flow. Such an original way to approach a fight scene. I need to watch this again. So you do. Click, watch, pick up jaw, repeat.


Kiai-Kick’s Grade: 10

It’s that good, everyone. Sloyer keeps on raising his own bar. And it’s a glorious thing to see.


How about some previs work with Vlad Rimburg and crew?

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If you come to this site enough you know how much I love and appreciate the many martial arts stunt people/actors whom I’ve covered over the years. This video pretty much contains my favorite folks, one and all. They are tremendous talents one and all, in front and behind the camera, and it’s badass to see them together at once, even in a previs. My question is, previs for what? Ah, now that’s a question! Amy Johnston, Dennis Ruel, Vonzell Carter, Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, Shawn Bernal, Brendon Huor, and Sam Puefua rock this all the hell out, with exciting choreography by Vlad Rimburg and Emmanuel Manzanares. Really, so much great work went into this. Check it out, and then watch it again. Great work, gang!

My new question for you, Vlad: So when do we get Part 3 Chapter A?

Get ready to be wowed by Redemption!

Posted in Amy Sturdivant, Bryan Sloyer, Jay Kwon, Jerry Quill on July 29, 2016 by Michael S. Moore

Wow is the word for this short film, directed by stuntwoman Amy Sturdivant and choreographed by Bryan Sloyer and starring Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill and Jay Kwon, whom if you’ve been following my website you’ll know I’ve been singing their praises in various other works, and this one is no different. Ms. Sturdivant being a first-timer in the directors’ chair makes this even more stunning!  Fantastic martial arts choreography within an emotional story about the hand of help we all need at one moment or another. This short film puts the ART in martial arts to create something fresh that will be in your head long after you’ve watched it.

Bryan Sloyer returns with an Equilibrium Tribute!

Posted in Bryan Sloyer, Jawed El Berni, Jerry Quill on September 9, 2015 by Michael S. Moore

Bryan Sloyer continues to hone his filmmaking skills, now comes with this great Equilibrium tribute fight using gun-kata fighting Jawed El Berni (Ninja 2) with Jerry Quill as the referee. Just watch and enjoy these men in action.

Bryan Sloyer Presents the short film QUEEN!

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Bryan Sloyer has worked with great fight choreographers like EMC Monkeys and Emmanuel Manzanares, but this time he steps largely behind the camera for this atmospheric short about The White Queen who battles her way to her King, who is being used by The Dark King and his Bishop to draw her out. The queen finds that she must battle through an army of pawns in order to face the Dark King…

Such a great short. Moody in all the best ways, I was engrossed from the beginning and that music that opens the film is just perfect. The fights themselves are well staged and brutal in places. I can’t wait to see what Bryan Sloyer and company have next!

Starring Amy Sturdivant, Michael Lehr, Jeremy Tristan, Jay Kwon, with additional stunts by Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, and Alex Duong.