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Bryan Sloyer has a trick up his sleeve with The Magician! (2017)

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Directed by Bryan Sloyer

Fight Choreography by Bryan Sloyer.

Starring Jay Kwon, Jerry Quill, Amy Sturdivant, Bryan Sloyer, Kiera O’Connor, Katie O’Donovan, Kyle Potter,  Trevor Logan, Andrew Franklin, Narayana Cabral, Allen Quindiagan, Yoshi Sudarso, Mark Miscione, Graham Hooper, Lee Chesley, Yavuz Topuz, Armand Rabanal, Nick Krawiec, Jonathan Wong Just Vancho


Bryan Sloyer does it again. He’s really growing as a filmmaker/stuntman right before our eyes. I think it’s only a matter of time for this guy to get a feature film, and I would be the first in line for it! This film, takes place in a single room, but I guarantee you can’t take your eyes off of it. The camera work is tremendous, particularly with the “magic” tricks the fighters pull off. Major props to all involved! The action is fluid despite the camera cuts, and has a great flow. Such an original way to approach a fight scene. I need to watch this again. So you do. Click, watch, pick up jaw, repeat.


Kiai-Kick’s Grade: 10

It’s that good, everyone. Sloyer keeps on raising his own bar. And it’s a glorious thing to see.


Maria Tran Presents Police Story: Girl Force!

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Maria Tran, whom I first became aware of in the film Maximum Choppage, has a film career as an actress/stunt woman that is growing bigger and bigger, and now she comes to us with a short film that pays homage to the Jackie Chan Police Story series! She does a good job capturing the style of comedy on display in those films, and adds a little sci-fi flair of her own towards the end! Maria is forging her own path through international film industry, and it’s only a matter of time before she works with some of the big titans, like Jackie Chan. Oh wait? She has?! Well I’ll be…

Showdown at the Dojo starring Master Ken!

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Master Ken

For those in the know, Enter the Dojo is a spoof of the McDojos meets The Office, starring Matt Page as Master Ken, the creator of his style Ameri-do-te, and it’s hilarious! I did a Q & A a few years ago you can revisit here. Master Ken now gets his own ballbusting short film, which you can watch below! The fight scene is pretty good, and Matt Page proves he can handle himself! I’m all for more Master Ken short films in addition to the regular show! C’mon Amazon, Netflix! Get on this!

Bryan Sloyer Presents the short film QUEEN!

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Bryan Sloyer has worked with great fight choreographers like EMC Monkeys and Emmanuel Manzanares, but this time he steps largely behind the camera for this atmospheric short about The White Queen who battles her way to her King, who is being used by The Dark King and his Bishop to draw her out. The queen finds that she must battle through an army of pawns in order to face the Dark King…

Such a great short. Moody in all the best ways, I was engrossed from the beginning and that music that opens the film is just perfect. The fights themselves are well staged and brutal in places. I can’t wait to see what Bryan Sloyer and company have next!

Starring Amy Sturdivant, Michael Lehr, Jeremy Tristan, Jay Kwon, with additional stunts by Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, and Alex Duong. 

LBP Stunts Chicago presents: Gunsmith Cat!

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Its like a broken record, isn’t it? LBP does it again! Check out the above starring  Natalie Padilla, Vonzell Carter, and Michael Lehr. Directed by Emmanuel Manzanares. I’m not familiar with the manga/anime this is based on, but this was a lot of fun to watch, and I loved some of the kicking work done by Padilla and Lehr. Sequel, please?

Faux Fighting Present Not So Good Gentlemen Part 2!

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Faux Fighting continues it’s assault on our senses with part 2 of this series featuring Cornered’s own Donald Brooks Jr. and fight choreographer Aaron Alexander! A short but great continuation that shows Donald continuing to best and escape his pursuer, but when will his luck run out?

I’m really proud of the work these two do here, and yeah, I may be biased since I just got done working with them (hint: it won’t be the last time!)  but this really is good stuff. Texas Represent! Enjoy!