Iron Monk Interviews with Jason Ninh Cao, Zara Phythian, and Vincent Wang

It feels like it’s been taking forever for Iron Monk to get off of the ground, but of course that’s my impatience. I’m still excited about this project, and it appears to be moving forward, even though I don’t think there has been a Director named yet. Check out their latest interview below:


I agree and disagree with Jason Ninh Cao’s assessment. I agree that it’s cool that they are eschewing the Hollywood aesthetic of CGI and wire fights, but I disagree with his assessment that those films are the ones he’s competing with. He’s got to compete with films like Ong Bak, The Protector, Chocolate, and The Raid, of which the last three are having sequels that may be out at the same time this film hits. I have good feelings about this film, so I think they’ll be fine. I’m just wondering when they will announce a director. Once they have that things will really start moving fast.

On a side note, g***damn is Silvio Simac is a big dude!



  1. Hi Bud,
    I watched the trailer of the Iron Monk & I believe it will become come a classic & have an incredible cult following to say the lease. I can see where the bloke is coming from which was a bit of a problem for audiences awhile ago. They got sick of the same type of HK films with the same type over the top MA sequences.
    Having said that, proper grass roots GF or KF with no special effects per say is incredible to watch. As always one can never get bored with at least some truth shown in MA action films, especially when it concerns proper Qigong technique being showcased on the big screen via a SHAOLIN MONK.
    In essence to witness GK or KF in the up coming event will be a world first I believe & a global phenomenon because People like Yourself, Myself & others like minded, crave for proper realism in action/fight sequences other than puppets on a string !!!!
    Remember a monkey is at his best swinging from tree to tree not cage to cage. Keep it real.


  2. Cold-blooded review; and, equally as cold-blooded comment from the brother in Australia. We have gotten so hyped up from watching all of these highly skilled, martial artists that we have incorporated boxing and martial arts in our at-risk children / youth programs. The discipline of said martial artists is absolutely incredible (especially those world-class champions.) I do not know the langugae of the Art of Review (for said films) like you guys; but, what I do know is that I want to learn and master it so that I can kick a_ _ of those who come to my club and act like ugly outlaws. I am going to require my security to take martial arts lessons; and, lose those fat bellies.


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