Kiai-Kick All-Star #2: Marc Dacascos

Mark Dacascos - Parution Karate Bushido

Films: Brotherhood of The Wolf, Drive, Crying Freeman, Only The Strong, Cradle 2 The Grave, China Strike Force, Double Dragon, Kickboxer 5, Sanctuary, Redline, Boogie  Boy

Upcoming Films: Operation Rogue, Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 (Kung Lao)

Favorite Fight Choreographer: Himself

Favorite Director: Steve Wang

Primary Martial Arts Style: Kung Fu

Place in Cinema: Marc is a classis case of  “what if”. Drive, Only The Strong and Brotherhood of the Wolf were good films that should’ve propelled him into the same sphere as Seagal and JCVD, but alas that didn’t happen. Marc needs to do what Michael Jai White did, and take his career into his own hands and make his own films. He still has time to do this. He’s still young enough and talented enough. Maybe he needs to give Isaac Florentine a call?

Best Moment: 

Every single moment of the film Drive. It really gave martial arts aficionados a look at how good Marc’s skills as a martial artist are, and how he was pretty good with comedic moments as well. With a wider viewership this film could’ve catapulted him to better films. Runner up moment: getting to fight Sammo Hung in what was the best episode of Martial Law.

Worst Career Moment:

Leaving martial arts films to work on the Iron Chef tv series for what seemed like forever. The Martial Arts world needed Marc, and he went elsewhere. Folks gotta eat, I get it, but we missed him during some prime years. You actually thought I might’ve said Cradle to the Grave or Double Dragon, didn’t you? I thought about it, but leaving film altogether hurt him–and us–worse.

video by dacascostube

Previous All-Star: Tony Jaa


  1. Love me some Mark Dacascos. BIg fan!

    Honestly though, he is probably making way more as The Chairman than he does with any movies he is in. I imagine he is probably pretty happy with where his career is.

    I know this isn’t a martial arts movie but have you ever checked out a movie called DNA? It’s a TON of fun.


    • Yeah, he did make more money as the Chairman. As I said, brotha’s gotta eat, but I lament the films we could’ve gotten from him. That being said, it’s not too late. I’ve never heard of DNA but I’ll check it out!


  2. I was introduced to Mark Dascascos through Only The Strong. And I grow became fans of him after watching Drive.

    Have you seen one of episode of Martial Law TV series where Sammo Hung fight Mark Dascascos? That was epic, better than Jet Li vs Mark Dascascos in Craddle 2 the grave.

    He became the antagonist in the new version Hawai Five O, wasn’t he?


    • Yep. I have seen that episode of Martial Law. It happens to be my favorite from that series and the reason I wait for any DVD release. And hell yes, Sammo vs. Marc was wayyyy better than Marc vs. Jet Li from that Film Which Shall Not Be Named. My review of Only The Strong is coming soon!


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