Looking ahead to 2018!

It’s been a really interesting 2017, hasn’t it? At least it has been for me, which is both full of blessings and a curse or two. I started my regular job as a video editor/photojournalist for a local TV station, which has been a wonderful experience, but it has come at a cost. Strange hours, no hours, and very little time to spend with family, and also with the El Gato Negro: Prey short film (more on that later), but it’s here, on this blogsite that it has hurt the most. I haven’t been able to post as many film reviews, interviews, and just general upkeep of the website, so for the readers I still have left, I apologize for not giving you the content you deserve! Now what will happen in 2018?

There are plans afoot for a major life change, that will affect everything in my life, but with the hopes that it will make everything better in the long term. That includes this website! I have many more films to review on the way, and I will be making a more concerted effort to review “older” films, in addition to the new stuff, and doing the new stuff in a more timely fashion. More interviews, more giveaways are coming soon!

For those who stuck around, you have my thanks and gratitude. For those who left, I can’t blame them too much. There are some amazing websites like Film Combat Syndicate and Kung-Fu Kingdom that are doing some great work and are well worth your time (in addition to this site of course), and I promise you’ll all see my El Gato Negro short film in 2018!

Kiai-Kick will fly faster and farther in 2018!

Thanks to all my supporters and friends: Carl Brezdin, Lee B. Golden, Brad Curran, Vlad Rimburg, Aaron Alexander, Dennis Ruel, Emmanuel Manzanares, Richard Dominguez, The El Gato Negro Film Team, and so many more but you all know who you are!

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  1. I’ve also not been an active blog reader or writer over the last couple of years due to the demands of a day job (although I have been writing a book in the evenings). I miss blogging & hope I get more time for it this year.
    Still, sounds like you’ve got a great year lined up so all the best for 2018!


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