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Time for a change! Welcome to the Kiai-Kick Youtube Page!

Posted in Michael Moore on May 26, 2017 by Michael S. Moore


August on Kiai-Kick or “Where the hell have you been, Michael?”

Posted in Aaron Alexander, Michael Moore on August 13, 2016 by Michael S. Moore

It’s been a killer bit of time! Between continuing to recover from a bad back injury, I’ve been crazy busy! So where do I start…?

First of all, let me announce that my martial arts webseries/short film Cornered has been accepted to the MartialCon going on in Long Beach California on August 19th, 20th and the 21st! If you haven’t seen it yet, that’s a really good place to do so! It’s also a martial arts tournament, and folks like Cynthia Rothrock,  Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Harry Lennix (Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman) will be there!


I’ve also been hard at work on a martial arts video project that–if all things go right–you may be able to see on a major cable channel before too long! I had a great cast and crew, and I think we did it! I really wish I could tell you all more, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope I have big news!

IMG_0127 IMG_0125 Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.06.48 PM

And of course I’m still editing a little short film called El Gato Negro: Prey! But don’t worry, I’m catching up on movie reviews as we speak. A mix of old and new movies, and some micro-reviews of some non-martial arts films as well, and much, much more! As always, let me know if there is a particular film you want me to weigh in on!

The El Gato Negro: Prey Kickstarter has begun!

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So we start the Kickstarter campaign for the post-production work on my second film, El Gato Negro: Prey. The video on the page has some really cool stuff, and we do show scenes from the film! Please go to the page here and donate, and if you can’t donate, please share! A lot of good people did a lot of hard work on this (including me) and I want to make sure we showcase their efforts in the best way possible, and the funds I’m asking for will do that, not to mention just making an awesome superhero film!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.52.28 PM

We are in the home stretch on this film, and if you want to jump aboard, welcome! I can’t wait to debut this film for all to see, but we have to get over this hump first! Thanks for any help you can give!


3 days left until the Kickstarter campaign begins for El Gato Negro: Prey!

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On other social media sites the countdown has been going for a few days now, but we’re almost to launch time, so I’d thought I’d give a little mention here. This Kickstarter will go toward the post-production needed to make El Gato Negro:Prey the best short film we can make it! You can check out our BTS photos here! Please share or donate with your friends if you can!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.52.28 PM



El Gato Negro: Prey goes into Post-Production!

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And so production wrapped on El Gato Negro: Prey two weeks ago, and we got our last shot of a restaurant this past weekend. It was really bittersweet, as I loved working with our cast and crew, but now things enter into the phase of post-production, where we get to put this awesomeness together with editing and sound work and music! I can’t wait to let you all hear the El Gato Negro score!


There is also a photo shoot, and the official logo is coming soon! I can’t wait for you all to see the hard work that went into this project from so many talented people!


My next film’s Indiegogo campaign has started! The comic book superhero comes to life! El Gato Negro: Prey!

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I’m baaaack!

El Gato Negro is a latino superhero who fights crime in the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas) and defends the people from a viscious drug cartel run by Armando Ochoa also know as El Graduado. El Gato Negro gets his moniker from his grandfather, who was the original El Gato Negro, a luchador who fought crime on the side. Created by Richard Dominguez, EGN’s original run in the 90’s has a cult following that goes to this day.


I used to write for El Gato Negro, and saw Hollywood come a knockin’ a few times, but at the time they didn’t “get” what made EGN special. Fast forward to today, and after having some success with my webseries Cornered, pre-production has begun on El Gato Negro: Prey!

Watch the Video below and please, if you can’t donate then please share our page with everyone you know! Help me bring this Texas superhero to life, and check back here for more updates as production ramps up!