Donnie Yen is Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs!!

As if the film gods answered my prayers, an adaptation of one of, If not my favorite game of the PS3/Xbox era, and was a perfect homage to Chinese action cinema, particularly martial arts films, wrapped in a great story of Triads and cops. Donnie Yen is perfect, and if the film can somehow get Max Zhang (IP Man 3) to play the baddie things would be perfect! My only fear here is that Yen already paid homage to kung-fu films with Kung Fu Killer, so I’m not sure an American production can top that. That and we all know about video game adaptations and how they often fail, even though the game story is already tailor made for a movie. My excitement meter is definitely up. Only Donnie is attached t the moment. Let’s hope they pick the right director. Anyone associated with John Wick 1 and 2 would do nicely. I want my Donnie Yen vs Daniel Bernhardt fight. Make it happen, movie gods.

Hey, wasn’t Donnie supposed to be retiring?!

Source: JoBlo

Remember this awesome trailer for the game? Template’s already in place!