Vladislav Rimburg and Brendon Huor present OSU 2!!!!

The original Osu, which came out in 2014, was a fantastic bit of fight choreography that really showed off karate in a way I haven’t seen since the excellent film Black Belt. It was exciting to watch and reminder of how good traditional karate can look onscreen when done right. Fast forward to 2016, and Vlad, along with stuntman Brendon Huor present another jaunt into the world of Osu, and this is even better than the first short. The fighting here is clear, concise, and beautiful to look at. All of the performers, Brendon Huor, Nate Hitpas, Tony Vittorioso, and Micah Karns really do a fantastic job as the pros they are. I’m glad Vlad chose to leave out the blood in this one. While that fit the mood of Osu, Osu 2 is going for a different feel, and any blood effect would have taken from that.

Once again Vlad and company knock it out of the park. As if anyone expected anything different! Check out this masterpiece of karate below. Sonny Chiba would be pleased!