Cornered Production Blog #2: The First Day

Playing a little bit of catchup here, but I wanted to go back and think about the official first day of shooting. Everything went just fine as actress Lindsey Lemke (Machete Kills) had some of her first scenes…with me! I am not an actor in any way, but found myself in my own production anyway. I won’t lie, it’s hard to wear the acting and the directing hats at the same time!

Me with Cornered star Lindsay Lemke
Me with Cornered star Lindsey Lemke


Our first day was purposefully a short one, just so the crew, cast and I could get into the groove of things. Our first shots involve Detectives Jackson (me) and Lee (Lindsey) as we walk an obscure trail to meet with hero and Super cop Adam Matrix. We shot at Bull Creek in Austin, Texas, and while I knew there would be enough tree cover to hide the sun, I did not, in fact, account for the ravenous BUGS! I found later that I had been eaten alive, finding bites everywhere. After the short day was over, everyone seemed to fall into a comfort zone. I know first days can be tough and definitely a trip into the unknown, but everything went pretty smoothly! Lindsey did a great job, and it made me even more excited to work with the rest of the cast to bring my vision of 90’s martial arts mayhem to life!

Also, I’m in the process of trying to come up with a font and design for the title “Cornered”. Hmm…that kinda sounds like a good contest to me. I have quite of bit of backlog of blu rays to give away…stay tuned!

-Michael S Moore