Johnny Tri Nguyen gets back in action! The Trailer for Chinatown!

All thanks go out to the good folks at Asian Movie Pulse for steering me to the trailer for Johnny Tri Nguyen’s newest film, Chinatown! The plot follows one 24 hour period as a gang war erupts. Looks like some down and dirty machete action here! Between this and Dustin Nguyen’s Buddha Fire Vietnam is beginning to stake their claim within martial arts cinema in 2013! Check it out below!




  1. I’ll tell you guys I realize that I know very little about Master Martial Artists; but, as a movie going individual who loves to watch those movies I believe that there Johnny Tri Nguyen is smoldering, smoldering, smoldering and then some. The way that guys moves in absolutely incredible, not to mention he is so good-looking. Good Looks + incredible moves=movie magic—The boy is awesome in anyone’s language.


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