Finally! Here is the Trailer for Dustin Nguyen’s Buddha Fire!

Been waiting to see what Dustin was cooking up ever since I reported about this film. Now we get trailer that looks like all kinds of crazy. A weird amalgam of modern days versus fantasy, and I have to say this looks promising! But check out the trailer for yourself and decide! 2013 just looks to get better and better. I think Buddha Fire is still the name, but I’d be happy if anyone can translate the title from the trailer and let me know! Roger Yuan and the great Veronica Ngo round out the cast!



  1. yes, this movie is called ” Lửa Phật” in Vietnamese, aka Buddha Fire!! Dustin claimed that this will be the 1st fantasy film of Vietnam. With talented casting and experienced staff of Dustin, this must be a movie to make us proud..


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