Farewell to Bai Jing

First, the news article, dated February 28th 2012 from Channel News Asia:

BEIJING: Chinese authorities have confirmed that 28-year-old Chinese martial arts actress Bai Jing, was stabbed to death by her wealthy husband Zhou Cheng Hai at their Beijing home on Tuesday, reported Chinese media.

44-year-old Zhou, who married Bai in 2010, apparently killed himself after the fatal stabbing.

The police said they are still investigating the cause of this incident.

Although the authorities are not sure what transpired between Zhou and Bai that eventually resulted in their deaths, speculation is rife that Zhou killed his wife after finding out she wanted to divorce him.

Bai had appeared in a number of television dramas and films, including the 2010 action film “Kung Fu Wing Chun”, alongside Hong Kong actress Kara Hui.

What a loss her life was. To be murdered by her husband, and then for the coward to kill himself afterward, all because she was going to divorce him. Bai was a beautiful young woman who made a couple of films but showed she had the acting talent, and martial arts skill to finally become Hong Kong’s successor to Michelle Yeoh. Her flame was put out far too soon. My condolences to her family. Such a tragic end to such an emerging talent.

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