Kiai-Kick Mail Bag

Welcome to the Mail Bag! Here is a place for you to ask any questions you may have about martial arts films, actors, actresses, release dates, whatever you want! Drop kick your questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them!


  1. I watched Russell Wong on television, years ago when he and his “brother” in the television series really played great parts. He really looks good here. Thank you for sharing this clip with us. It looks exciting. I am going to go to Netflix and see if it is on there.


  2. I just found your website today, and it’s great. I plan on visiting regularly. Do you know if Urban Fighter (Street Gangs: Show No Mercy) will be released in the US because I’ve been waiting for it to come out, but can only find it on the German Amazon?


    • Derek,
      Thanks for checking out the website! To answer your question, I spoke with the producers of the film and was told that yes, the film will be released in the US sometime later this fall. Once the date is confirmed they’ll let me know, and I’ll post it on the website! (I have no doubt I’ll probably be giving away a few copies in a contest around that time!)


      • Michael,
        Thanks for letting me know. I guess I’ll wait for the US release. Have you ever watched anything by The Stunt People? Their new movie Death Grip just came out. You should check it out.


    • We have done a great deal of research on gang-life in prisons, California, Chicago, New York, etc…Many of the participants in the study were members of gangs. Their accounts of their Real-Life “activities and accomplishments” were horror stories too vile to repeat in this setting. The recreational “stuff”, the cruelty and violence just beyond human imagination (for me.) The vicious acts committed against children–just awful. We watch the picture shows; but, it is alarming to know the actual numbers who “live” in the movies. I for one am grateful to the movies for presenting this type of lifestyles so that folks can see what actually takes place beyond their comfortable homes. Once everyday working folks eyes become open perhaps corrective action will be taken to execute solutions to all of this madness.


  3. Hi Mike

    I recently got sent a link to a short film entitled “Abduction”, which I think you will be interested in. I’ll let director Tony Diaz sum it up:

    “Hi, my name is Tony Diaz. I am an aspiring action filmmaker, making short films with my actor and stunt friends. Don’t know if you review shorts, but if you’re game, I’d like you guys to check out a short little fight scene I made with an actress friend of mine, Trisity Cameron, who is trained in Krav Maga.

    The scene is a woman defending herself from two abductors, but we made it as brutal as we could; it is definitely not easy for her. (Structurally, my inspiration was the Temple of Doom opening, where every time the hero succeeds, things get worse.)

    Anyhow, either way, watch and enjoy!”

    Personally I thought it was really impressive, both on a technical level and the quality of the action.




    • Greetings and Peace MikeOutWest: Looked over your work product. Do you take commissions to work on other projects. We are in Jacksonville and Orlando Florida. We have launched a Pilot, Model and Demonstration development initiative to produce action and documentary films. Our budget funding is from sponsorships, non-traditional sources, fund-raisers, donations, private gifts and contributions, from banks, corporations, private business owners, etc…I have a project that I would like to know your rate to review and provide input. If you have a level and degree of interest in this project you can let me know your fee structure, policy and procedures and operating standards. It is my contention that we have several Award Winning Projects that have the potential for national and international marketing. I need the professional team with your skill and project-specific expertise. Peace be with you and stay strong. I do have a confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement.


  4. Hi Mike
    Just wanted to bring to your attention a 7 minute teaser made for a proposed web series called Streets of Myth, set in an alternative England ruled by roaming gangs of martial artists. This clip stars Zara Pythian (with sword) and Beau Fowler (staff). It’s a very well made clip and could do with some extra exposure…


  5. Hello there.

    Started reading your site a week ago and I must say I started reading it like an addicted man ever since, great to find someone with martial arts movies reviews that actually likes martial arts, amazing site.
    I have a favor to ask if it is not too much a bother for you. Could you name the character and movie in which he appears that, in your opnion, is the strongest character in a wuxia movie? Not the one with the best fight scenes or better characters, but the one with that one character that would be able to kick everyone else in a tournament. No gods or supreme beings, but characters that actually fight in the movies, guys that could tear armies and stuff.
    I study Cinema in my country Brasil and I am writing about how different countries perceive strengh in a supreme level without reaching godhood. In japan I got some manga and animes, in USA I got some comics and sci fi novels, and in China I would like to have some cool wuxia hero (or villain).

    Sorry about the long post and I hope you continue this cool website


    • Vitor,

      A tough character from a wuxia film that isn’t quite someone flying around? That’s a tall order. I would probably have to go with Nameless (Jet Li) from Hero. His skills were second to none, even when he wasn’t flying around. A strong second runner up would be General Guan Yu from Red Cliff. Now that dude could tear armies up with that spear!

      Thanks for checking out the site! More goodness is on the way!


      • thanks for the answer man, I really appreciate it. To be honest with you I was going to go with the nameless hero too, but I was curious if there were any other comparable guy. I will be sure to check Red Cliff, but now you got me curious. What if the kids gloves were off, if it could be any character from a wuxia movie, who do you sir think would be the strongest warrior?

        Thanks in advance, great site, hope you continue with the excellent work


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