The Art of Self Defense…you need to order these cassettes!

Time to stop being weak! Destroy your weaknesses!

Readers, I just have to share this with you. We all need to change our lives. And we can do this…with our fists. Sensei (not mine) sent this video, with the message below.

Please consider ordering these cassettes. Please, read Sensei’s words below, and watch the life-changing video that follows*:


Would you rather be weak with a strong mind, or strong with a weak mind? The answer is simple. Be both.

Karate teaches us that training the body is important, but training the mind is only slightly less important. 8 out of 10 students trained in my dojo will defeat an untrained student in a battle of unarmed combat, and the student that combines the lessons of the fist with the lessons of the brain will prove most effective of all.

For eons the practitioners of martial arts have held the secrets to the art of self-defense. Grand Master passed these lessons down to me — the same lessons that have, since ancient times, proven essential in conquering weakness and perfecting masculinity.

Now you can learn these priceless secrets in a deluxe set of motivational cassettes for only 10 easy payments of $4.99. For less than the cost of a $5 product, you can discover true greatness. 

*Man, this is all kinds of genius marketing. But hey, I might buy it. Or maybe I’ll just pay 10 dollars to go see The Art Of Self Defense, starring Jesse Eisenberg on July 12th!