The Trailer for Triple Threat has arrived to Kick Your Ass!

Hot damn, this poster already looks epic! Check out those names! This is the kind of film I dreamed about since I started this website oh so many years ago! You want the biggest team up film of 2019? If you thought it was Avengers: Endgame you are wrong! There’s no way kicking ass in CGI is better than these guys and gals whooping ass in reality! This film is boasting amazing talent across the board, and I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when it comes together, so let’s get to that trailer: 

Good Lord.

…Great Googly-Moogly.

Jaa vs Uwais?! MJW and Scott Adkins versus, well, anybody listed in the credits?! There’s so much goodness here I STILL can’t believe this film is actually happening! Add to that the fact that Jesse V Johnson is a dependable martial arts film director (Savage Dog, Accident Man) and you’ve got a great mix!

And here is a little more info from the good folks at WELLGOUSA, who look like they’ve scored a home run here:

In Wide Release for One Night Only Tuesday, March 19 In Select Theaters and VOD Friday, March 22  

This is the perfect film to seek out and take a HUGE group of friends with you to see this sucker on the big screen. Like-minded folks who love martial arts films will have that theater rockin’! Outside of John Wick 3 THIS is my most anticipated film of 2019!