The Teaser Trailer for Cobra Kai is here!

Will Daniel get that leg swept again? Whatever happened with anyone from the Karate Kid 2? Will Daniel meet Hillary Swank’s character for a team-up beatdown? At least one of these questions will be answered in the webseries Cobra Kai, and behold the teaser below:


Hmm. I’ve been hesitant about this series ever since I heard about it, but there is a chance to have good drama following these characters again. I can’t imagine these characters will face off again, but who knows? I wonder who the fight choreographer is? What do ya’ll think?


  1. It seems to me that if Johnny is resurrecting the Cobra Kai name only to have Kreese’s arc from Karate Kid 3 then the creators may fundamentally misunderstand the kind of kid Johnny was and the lessons he clearly learned at the end of the film and beginning of part two. He learned from that defeat, and it seems sensible to bring the Cobra Kai name back to change whatever run of bad luck Johnny has had, to make his legacy mean something.

    If Daniel is the antagonist, well on the one hand you get some Honest Trailer style revisionist history, but I hope his skepticism comes from believing that Johnny and the Cobra Kai name are bad news and I hope that Daniel is wrong in this case. I think this is the only approach where rekindling the Johnny-Daniel rivalry makes sense and proves the creators respect/understand the source material.

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    • I’ve heard that the plotline will revolve around both men being in a similar place but coming from different directions. Daniel is having problems with his family despite his success, while Johnny’s life hasn’t been the best but he’ll use Cobra Kai to bring himself back up. Both men, in some way, seem to need their rivalry to be the best version of themselves, at least that’s what I think they are getting at.
      My biggest concern is that this series seems to only account for Karate Kid part 1, and not 2 or 3. (Part 2 was my fave) Daniel had some real growth in all 3 films. I’d hate for that to be forgotten. Good points though, man. I hope this is good.


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