Philip Kwok Week on Kiai-Kick!

Philip Kwok1

Time to pass a little appreciation to Hong Kong stuntman and superstar Philip Kwok! Veteran of so many, many great Shaw Brothers films and perhaps one of the greatest kung fu films of all time The Five Deadly Venoms! Damn right, Venom Mob in the house! There are generations of youngsters out there who don’t know much about the classic stars of old, and I’m not talking about Clark Gable! But there are also many who don’t know that yes, Philip Kwok played the infamous and badass Mad Dog in the action classic Hard Boiled! I don’t want to rehash his life here, as there are websites that have done a great job of that. I just want to concentrate on the man’s impressive body of work! So this week all vids, reviews and whatever else I have up my sleeve is all about Philip! We love ya, Mad Dog!

Youtuber Tony Coates did an excellent job making a tribute video to Philip, and you can see it here: