Donate to Ric Meyer’s Kickstarter for “Films of Fury: The Once & Future Interviews Doc/Book!!


I had always thought I knew quite a bit about kung fu films. And I do. But my knowledge pales before that of author/ reviewer/ kung fu man Ric Meyers. If you haven’t read his book Films Of Fury, then go out, buy the book, and come back after you’ve read it. When reviewing older films, I frequently research the background behind these films, and I always look to that book first! Ric also cheered me on when I started this site, so of course I want to do something for him now, and this project is something I hope a lot of you get behind, because it’s worth it.

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo Ping, Ti Lung, Yuen Wah, Raymond Chow, David Chiang, and so many more are not getting any younger, and once they are gone their stories and film memories will be gone forever. Any chance to get that one great interview to delve into their minds about their careers and filmmaking mindsets have to be taken advantage of, and this may be the best time to do it, and Ric is certainly the right person to take this on, and he’ll have help from the great Eric Jacobus, who will surely bring his own experiences to the people he interviews.

Oh yeah, a docufilm version of Ric’s Book Films of Fury is on NETFLIX and HULU. So go watch that, too.

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