Here’s a fun Trailer for Tiger Cop 1 & 2 from Maria Tran!

Maria Tran, a great martial artist and stuntwoman down under, having done the film Maximum Choppage and the short film Hit Girls now returns with this, a what if that reminds me of Moon Lee, Cynthia Rothrock and Yukari Oshima films like Outlaw Brothers,  Kickboxer’s Tears and of course Yes Madam. Damn it all this “what if” needs to be a “will do”! This is a film I would need to see stat, and I’m sure once you see this trailer you’ll agree. There’s no plans–at least I think–for this to be anything more than a trailer, but I’m sure if enough people watch we could perhaps change Maria’s mind and kickstart this baby up? Oh yeah, and Mark Houghton and Michael Woods need to be in it. That’s just a wish fulfillment of my own! Check out the trailer below, and let’s hope that perhaps someday this becomes a reality!