Austinites! Iron Dragon TV and Ultraflix bring you The White Haired Witch on March 24th!

White Haired Witch

That’s right! Austin, Texas finally has Asian Movie Madness, and it’s about time! Fellow Austinite Janell Smith and WellGoUSA have decided to grace us with the luck our friends up north in Dallas have been getting (now I can stop looking on in abject jealousy) and after their first debut of the film Brotherhood of Blades (review coming soon) I would suggest you buy tickets before they’re sold out! The monthly event is being held at the Violet Crown Theater downtown! If that isn’t enough, I will be there, so now’s your chance to talk martial arts films with me in person! I will also dig into my little box of goodies and may have a movie, poster or both to give away…so come out and have some fun!


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