Danny Trejo, Marko Zaror, and Michelle Lee…The Green Ghost!

Filming near Austin, Texas right now is the latest film with Danny Trejo, and it looks to be really, really something. For starters, Michelle Lee (Mileena from Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Pacific Rim, Clandestine) is in it:

2015-01-03 15.35.36


oh, and this guy:

2015-01-03 15.48.18

That’s right. The great Marko Zaror also stars, and the film also appears to have a bevy of martial and parkour artists. The fight choreography is by Arnold Chon (Pirates of The Carribbean, Blood and Bone, Black Dynamite) and Freddie Poole (Ride Along 2, Ant-Man, Argo, Rope-A-Dope 2) I don’t know what the story is about, who the good guy/bad guys are, but rest assured I’m gonna try to find out. IMBD has a synopsis of the story, but things can change, and it may be different now that what’s up there.

They’ll be hangin’ around the Austin area for a few weeks, so I hope to talk to some of the stars and crew more in depth as production gets underway!

PS. I’m not in the film. I would be probably be the coffee boy to the director. Or the guy to answer the question: Where the hell is Lockhart, Texas?!




  1. Lockhart is about 30 miles southeast of austin. Lockhart is a small, nice town and is known as the barbecue capital of Texas because of the four barbecue restaurants that are located there. A friend of mine took a picture with Danny Trejo this evening at a restaurant called Guadalajara in Lockhart, Tx. Danny was wearing a Blacks barbecue hat which is one of the four big barbecue places in Lockhart. Many celebrities have been spotted in Lockhart over the many years when they come to visit Austin.


    • Alex, thanks for that! I was actually kidding, I have been to Lockhart once or twice, but never saw much of it, and wondered why productions like this one and the last Transformers movie shoot there. I didn’t see anything of note that was special about it, but you tell me! I think I need to take a trip down and go to Blacks. I do love me some BBQ…


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