Panna Rittikrai’s last! The Trailer for Vengeance Of An Assassin is here!

Thanks to the good folks at Soreelflix for this heads up…Panna Rittikrai has left us with one final film, and goodness, it may outdo the insanity of Bangkok Knockout! The old shaolin man alone is reason enough to see this film, as well as anything with Dan Chupong, but that shot of Dan shooting that guy as they both fall from a building! Damn! I am pumped to see this! They may also be in the running for best martial arts scene on a train…

Here is the trailer:


  1. Thanks for your site- without you I wouldn’t even know about this movie at all. I was still looking for Dan in Protector 2- guess he bailed on that? Anyway- I’m not your average martial arts fan- middle-aged, middle America, middle class, stay-at-home mom. This is not something you can talk about with other soccer moms, you know? I used to dance- I just love the artistry and skill level of the movement. Kind of an adrenaline junkie too. Any help on how to go about seeing this? Thanks again.


    • Jen-thanks for coming to the site! Bringing your attention to martial arts films is the entire reason I created this site! Who knows why Dan bailed, but he gets to be the recipient of Panna Rittikrai’s final film, so he’ll always have that over Tony Jaa. As far as how to see it, there are two distribution companies I would pay attention to: Magnet and WellgoUSA. They will most likely get it. I’ll keep a release date updated on the site so you’ll know!


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