“There is a God!” Jacky Wu Jing vs. Scott Adkins in Wolf Warrior!

Yes, Yes, Yes! The title comment comes from Kiai-Kick reader and friend Fernando Fury! Thanks to mega-awesome stuntman/action hero Mike Moeller for pointing me to this trailer! Jacky Wu Jing and Scott Adkins will have one of those fights of the ages! This is going to be something special! Check out the trailer below! I will now officially begin salivating for this one!

Per the good folks at Twitch.net Jacky Wu Jing is also directing this film, and so far it looks like he’s made a winner. He certainly got the right guy in Scott Adkins. Jacky seems to be taking control of his career now, and I think he’s about to make a similar jump that Donnie Yen made with SPL. Time will tell!



    • Not sure that Wu Jing is faster than Jet was at his age, but he is really fast. Unfortunately I’m not sure we’re going to get many more films from Wu Jing due to the current injuries he’s recovering from.


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