Once Upon a Time In Shanghai Teaser! (2013)

Philip Ng has been around for quite a while, doing stunt work and starring in a few assorted movies, mostly well know for the Wing Chun series starring Nicolas Tse. In fact he’s known as the Wing Chun guy, but really he’s a Choy Lay Fut guy. I know this because he is my sifu’s sifu’s son, and here he is, getting the chance to show off what he can really do, and in the same way that Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s careers took off, he gets Yuen Woo Ping as his fight choreographer and director, not to mention co-stars in Sammo Hung and Andy On. Yep, this is my must see for the start of 2013! Check out the teaser trailer below:



  1. Wow. He got an interesting teaser. And what I love from the teaser was, the VFX was made to ‘enhance’ the movement, not to replace the movement.


  2. loved the overhead shot of his four-kick combo, without putting his foot down once. I can certainly appreciate the difficulty of that combo – I keep trying it to improve my sense of balance when training!


    • No doubt, Philip Ng’s Wing Chun is excellent, but I really hope to see him get back to his Choy Lee Fut roots in a film sometime. Lots of Wing Chun out there right now, with all the Ip Man movies coming out.


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