Indie Kick Trailer: Unlucky Stars (2012)

Argh! Still catching up on things after my injury, so this was sent to me while I was in various levels of consciousness. Emmanuel Manzanares and the guys and gals at LBP Stunts are at it again, helping out Director, writer and star Dennis Ruel, Vlad Rimburg and Ken Quitugua with this passion project. I love the entire group’s energy, ever since seeing LBP’s short film Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco , and they helped produce a trailer for a film they are still shooting and searching for funding for. Here is a great homage to the Sammo Hung Lucky Stars series, and dammit I want them finish this full-length feature film. Every scene just tickles my kung fu bone. It even feels like a Sammo Hung 80’s film! Even a single dollar can help, so now I’m rallying all Kiai-Kick readers to help out! You can donate to the film at . There’s a pretty cool behind the scenes video as well. You’ll be hearing a LOT more about this project as it goes forth. I’m all in on this one!


    • Well Michael, because we are your die-hard-fans and we trust your recommendation, we will donate. Peace be with you brother; and, stay strong.


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