Welcome to our island, Mr. Roper…

Just as Han welcomed John Saxon in Enter the Dragon, I welcome all of you to my little corner of the world, full of acrobatics, kicks, stunts, and folks who just love to beat the crap out of people with speed and grace. Joy. Just so you know, Kiai (pronounced Key-eye) is what you hear many martial artists yelling right before they hit something, as a way of channeling their concentration. A battle cry, if you will. Either way, they yell, someone gets hurt. I wanted to create a site for those who love martial art films of all kinds. And I mean Martial Arts only, so while I love Chow Yun Fat in Hard Boiled just like many of you, it ain’t (yeah, I used ain’t.) got no place here. I’m a writer of sorts, but this is a first time thing for me, so if you don’t like it, or if you do, let me know. I hope I’ll get better as time goes on.  For all of the movies I’ll review, one set of films you won’t find me reviewing are Steven Seagal films. Nothing against the guy, but a fellow by the name of Vern has done the best reviews of his films you’ll ever see. You can read them at outlawvern.com. Great stuff.

I’m also starting a Video Store of the Month section, and I also want you folks out there to email me any cool martial art video stores in your area. Spot me an email with their physical address and website, and they’ll get posted at some point. Some readers out there may not know where to find the good stuff, and together we’ll let ’em know.

Starting in April I’ll be posting new reviews each week, probably one a week to start, but I’ll do more as time goes on. First up? It has to be the one and only Bruce Lee-The Big Boss puts his best foot forward April 2nd.


  1. Very cool! Looks like video stores might be turning into a dying breed. All the Hollywood Video stores in Austin are closing, Blockbuster is on it’s way to closing lots of their locations. I hope the locals like I Luv Video and Vulcan still stay afloat.


    • Which is exactly why I want to make sure we as a community help all martial art movie lovers everywhere by showing them the stores, usually mom and pop stores, where they can get their fix, and help those stores stay open!


  2. Awesome Start! Consider this site bookmarked and on my daily surf( which says a lot if you saw my bookmarks). Martial arts movies are all too often written off witout being given a fair shake. Pease enlighten them. Hope to see some Jet Li up here


  3. yep – I think this blog is a great idea and as a fellow martial arts movie fan I will be coming back here often. I am mainly blogging about Jet Li at the moment (kind of doing a survey of his films) so am looking forward to reading your views on his films. But I also love many other martial arts films so will be looking forward to reading your other reviews.


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