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How about some previs work with Vlad Rimburg and crew?

Posted in Amy Johnston, Brendon Hour, Bryan Sloyer, Dennis Ruel, Emmanuel Manzanares, Jerry Quill, Shawn Bernal, Vlad Rimburg, Vonzell Carter on October 30, 2016 by Michael S. Moore

If you come to this site enough you know how much I love and appreciate the many martial arts stunt people/actors whom I’ve covered over the years. This video pretty much contains my favorite folks, one and all. They are tremendous talents one and all, in front and behind the camera, and it’s badass to see them together at once, even in a previs. My question is, previs for what? Ah, now that’s a question! Amy Johnston, Dennis Ruel, Vonzell Carter, Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, Shawn Bernal, Brendon Huor, and Sam Puefua rock this all the hell out, with exciting choreography by Vlad Rimburg and Emmanuel Manzanares. Really, so much great work went into this. Check it out, and then watch it again. Great work, gang!

My new question for you, Vlad: So when do we get Part 3 Chapter A?


LBP Stunts Chicago presents Monster!

Posted in Alvin Hsing, Emmanuel Manzanares, Jerry Quill, Jimmy Chhiu, Vonzell Carter on July 27, 2015 by Michael S. Moore


LBP Stunts Chicago continue their excellent work as we get another jam directed by Emmanuel Manzanares, starring Bryan Sloyer who has doing awesome work lately as a guy who’s being beaten by a group of paid thugs and turns the table on them to brutal effect. It reminds me so much of the kind of action seen in the The Raid and The Raid 2, particularly with the knife and baseball bat fights. Watch the coolness below!