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Indie Kick Review: All-In (2012)

Posted in Louis Paquette, Tyler Williams with tags , on August 31, 2012 by Michael S. Moore


Starring Tyler Williams, Charlie Riina, Louis Paquette

Fight Choreography by Tyler Williams and Louis Paquette

Directed by Tyler Williams

All-in is a moody short film that is simple in its premise: The Knight goes to the Castle to save his lady love from an evil Overlord. In this case, we’re in the modern day, and the knight is a man named Cade (Williams) a mixed martial arts fighter who is approached by M with an offer to throw a fight and offers Cade one of his call girls, a beautiful woman named Aria (Riina), but M doesn’t count on the two falling in love, and Cade decides not to throw the fight.  The film opens as Cade arrives with a bag of money, in exchange for Aria, but M is no fool, and knows that Cade is merely bluffing, and intends to make this Cade’s last gamble…

Without a doubt All-In is a damn fine short film. The grainy visuals give the film a gritty style, and the music sounds like an ode to the late 70’s-early 80’s soundtracks. The film does a good job of telling its story in a very short amount of time, and the fights are excellently choreographed by Tyler Williams and Louis Paquette. They are fast and a reminder of the 80’s heyday of Hong Kong Cinema. The camera work grants a full view of the fights, and the editing give the fights a good flow, and isn’t overdone. The stunt work by Riot Act is excellent, as the stuntmen are able to really pull off some of the falls and crashing through tables and the like.

Tyler Williams and EOS (Eye of the Storm Pictures) has been making really fun action shorts, and it’s my belief that they are ready for a full-blown film, and Tyler Williams himself has a good screen presence and look that works for film. Louis Paquette also does a good job playing a slimy international villain, and sells his scenes and his fight. Charlie Riina also does a fine job as the damsel in distress who finally takes matters into her own hands.

All-In won the award for Best Fight Choreography and Tyler Williams won Male Action Performer of the year at this year’s Action On Film Festival, and it’s all very well deserved. The Blu-Ray of this film has several other shorts, Thirst, Heroic Bloodshed, and The Breakout, all of which are fun short films that show some fantastic fight choreography and just shows how good Tyler Williams and his crew is.

If you love good fight choreography, then All-in is exactly what you want to see!

You can go to the website to inquire about purchasing the Blu-Ray or DVD here: