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How about some previs work with Vlad Rimburg and crew?

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If you come to this site enough you know how much I love and appreciate the many martial arts stunt people/actors whom I’ve covered over the years. This video pretty much contains my favorite folks, one and all. They are tremendous talents one and all, in front and behind the camera, and it’s badass to see them together at once, even in a previs. My question is, previs for what? Ah, now that’s a question! Amy Johnston, Dennis Ruel, Vonzell Carter, Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, Shawn Bernal, Brendon Huor, and Sam Puefua rock this all the hell out, with exciting choreography by Vlad Rimburg and Emmanuel Manzanares. Really, so much great work went into this. Check it out, and then watch it again. Great work, gang!

My new question for you, Vlad: So when do we get Part 3 Chapter A?


Live in San Francisco? Now’s your chance to watch Unlucky Stars!

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Per director Dennis Ruel:

Q & A with Cast and Crew following the show!

If you live in the  SF area then you are in for a treat! For martial arts film fans this is not to be missed! Why? Read my review here!

LBP Stunts Chicago Presents Challenger!

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Emmanuel Manzanares brings yet another piece of awesomeness with Aaron Toney, Shawn Bernal,  Malay Kim, and even Emmanuel himself! Bask in the goodness below, folks!

LBP Stunts Chicago returns with Retroaction!

Posted in Emmanuel Manzanares, Shawn Bernal on November 2, 2013 by Michael S. Moore

One thing I love about the gang at LBP Stunts Chicago is that they constantly experiment with camera work and fight choreography that they see in other films. Take the film Jack Reacher, for instance. Here is another cool fight scene LBP Stunts Chicago style. I can’t say how much it looks like any of the fights from Jack Reacher, as I haven’t seen it, but who cares? When it’s these guys, it always turns out well. See it for yourself below:

LBP Stunts Chicago is at it again! IL Y A TOUJOURS UNE SOLUTION (There is always a Way)

Posted in Emmanuel Manzanares, LBP Stunts, Shawn Bernal on June 2, 2013 by Michael S. Moore

Director/fight choreographer Emmanuel Manzanares, along with Shawn Bernal and Anthony Pho, create yet another great fight scene, as it always is the case for LBP Stunts Chicago. Every bit of their work here is gold, and what I love the most is that it always seems to be part of a bigger story. They understand how to combine the action with, as Bruce Lee once said, emotional content. Someone needs to get these guys choreographing and starring in a feature film. They are that damn good. Check it out below, and then take a look at some of their previous work Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco.

LBP Stunts Chicago comes at us with another joint: DOGFIGHT!

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Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal, and everyone with LBP Stunts Chicago remind me of that Cowbell SNL skit when Christopher Walken says that he puts his pants on one leg at a time, but after that he makes gold records. Well, these guys also put their pants on one leg at a time, but after that they make kick-ass fight scenes with excellent choreography, such as this new one called Dogfight! Enjoy!