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Star Wars: The Betrayal Fan Film! You gotta watch this!

Posted in Brendon Hour, Gui DaSilva, Mickey Facchinello, Tony Chu, Vlad Rimburg with tags on April 9, 2015 by Michael S. Moore

Talk about a tide-me-over until Episode 7! With some of my favorite stuntpeople, LBP Stunts Chicago’s Brendon Hour and Mickey Facchinello, and with Tony Chu,  Gui Dasilva, Noah Fleder, Jimmy Chhiu, and Yoshi Sudarso, with fight choreography and directing by the great Vlad Rimburg, playing in the world of Star Wars!

So should you watch?


For me this like Christmas in springtime. Never ask me how many times I’ve watched this. It’s waayyy too embarrassing. And now, JJ Abrams, now you know. So get it together for Episode 8! In fact, you have your stunt people and choreographers right here…



Here’s the Teaser for the short film The Betrayal! (Star Wars!)

Posted in Brendon Hour, Gui DaSilva, Mickey Facchinello, Tony Chu, Vlad Rimburg on March 16, 2015 by Michael S. Moore


Know what? I love Star Wars. I also love martial arts. I also love the work done in various shorts by the likes of Vlad Rimburg, Gui Dasilva, Brendon Hour, and Mickey Faccinello, Tony Chu, Jimmy Chhiu, Noah Fleder, and Yoshi Sudarso.

And now they all come together in the Star Wars short film The Betrayal. In many ways, Star Wars is, at its core, a martial arts film set in space. I could take a dozen Shaw Bros. films and reappropriate them as martial arts films easily ( I hope JJ Abrams remembers this) and so far what they show in the teaser here is just getting my adrenaline pumping to see the final product. So watch below, and remember:

It’s coming soon.

It’s coming soon.

May the Force…well, you know!

Are you ready for Tony’s Wrath?

Posted in Amy Johnston, Emmanuel Manzanares, Gui DaSilva, Mark Mushashi, Mickey Facchinello, Tony Chu, Vlad Rimburg with tags , on September 28, 2014 by Michael S. Moore

Wow. Simply a great short by Vladislav Rimburg featuring cinematographer and fighter Tony Chu, a tremendously talented dude. Vlad made this as a thank you to Tony for helping to start the Indie martial arts community. I have to thank Vlad and all of them for opening my eyes wide to this community that I’ve chosen to become a part of. You’ll find so many great folks on screen here: Mickey Facchinello, Amy Johnston, Mark Mushashi, Gui Dasilva and so many more. Just watch this piece of greatness and enjoy. A lot of hard work went into this!