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Are you ready for The Challenger?

Posted in Andy Le, Ken Quitugua on October 13, 2015 by Michael S. Moore

Martial Club member Andy Le and Zerogravity Stunts’ Ken Quitugua (UnLucky Stars) totally rock this short film about…well, a challenger named Danny who faces off with Chuck, the current King Of Fighters (See what i did there! Neo Geo still runs in my blood). This short is a prequel to an actual feature film, and if the quality of this short is anything to go on, the feature should absolutely rock. The fight is fun and exciting, a testament to Ken Quitugua’s kung fu fight choreography, and Director Tran Quoc Bao does a good job framing the scenes and setting the dark mood with DP Jeremy Mackie. Click below to watch this short, and just imagine a feature film!