El Gato Negro: Prey



El Gato Negro: Prey is a short film based on the comic book series created by Richard Dominguez. Starring Bobby Hernandez, Brittnii Garcia Pruett and Conrad Gonzales, Written and Directed by Michael S Moore.

Via Wikipedia:

El Gato Negro (The Black Cat) is the name of two fictional American comic book superheroes created by Richard Dominguez and featured in the Azteca Productions’ Universe. Both characters made their first appearance in El Gato Negro #1 (October 1993).

In the comic’s continuity, Agustin Guerrero was the first to hold the title of El Gato Negro in the 1950s, creating the pseudonym in order to form a successful career in lucha libre. His motives soon changed however, as he decided to use his talents to fight the criminal element that plagued South Texas. Agustin later retired the alter ego in the late ’60s, only for his grandson to adopt it three decades later.[1] Agustin was first introduced as a major supporting character and there are plans to release a series featuring his own exploits as El Gato Negro.


Francisco Guerrero, the second and current incarnation of El Gato Negro, is Agustin’s grandson. Francisco makes his living as a social worker in South Texas and devotes most of his free time volunteering for community service. Growing tired of the increasing crime rate in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and haunted by the murder of his friend Mario, Francisco continues the legacy of El Gato Negro, spending his nights fighting against crime. 


El Gato Negro: Prey is a prequel story to the original first issue. Francisco Guerrero has trained to become El Gato Negro, but one final test exists: young Angel Reyes and her father are in grave danger from members of the local drug cartel run by Armando Ochoa. Only Francisco can save them and earn the right to the mantle of the South Texas Superhero…but he may have bitten off more than he can chew!

El Gato Negro: Prey had gone into production with an eye toward a summer release.