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Here I am, directing actors Buck Gonzales and Conrad Gonzales in a scene from my short film El Gato Negro: Prey. Before I started doing film reviews, I was/am the writer of the indie comic book El Gato Negro, which follows the adventures of a hispanic superhero fighting crime in South Texas. I’ve also directed some short films, such as Cornered, and the aforementioned El Gato Negro: Prey.

I have been a practitioner of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, and I currently rank as a Red sash but I’m looking to find my way toward my black sash. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting quite a few celebrities, mostly through doing the comic book, but I’ve met more since doing the website! I got to shake Jackie Chan’s hand while attending a screening of Miracles (I still haven’t washed that hand yet) and even met and befriended James Hong, the villain from Big Trouble in Little China:

Amazingly enough, because of this I came within a hair’s breadth of actually writing an official comic book prequel and sequel to the film! He tried to purchase the rights from 20th Century, who refused to sell them, thus the project was dead in the water. I’ve lost track with James over the last seven years or so. I’d like to speak with him again. He and his daughter are some of the most gracious people you could hope to meet. She also works in the entertainment industry as a voice actor.

I recently relocated from Austin, Texas to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and I’m currently developing a reboot to my prior comic book series Team Tejas as well as writing my next action film.

So that’s me in a tiny, tiny nutshell. So quit reading this and get back to reading some kick-ass reviews!


  1. Loooove your blog! At last, someone who can share reviews from our (martial arts junkies) perspective. Keep writing, bro!


  2. @Silvertear Thanks for checking out the site! Folks like yourself is the reason I write these, and I always try to keep a good mix of new and old films, and keeping martial arts film fans in the loop with new films going into production! Let me know if there is a particular film you’d like me to review!

    Thanks again!



  3. Knowing about Jaa’s come back, it feels like he’s the same character like Tien itself in Ong Bak 2 and Ong Bak 3. He’s reincarnated. Hope he won’t do the same ‘mistake’ again.


  4. Yes, Hopefully he’s learned his lesson. He’s simply not ready to be a director/star yet. Now that he’s back to his senses, he’s doing what I hoped he would, teaming with other martial arts action stars to collaborate with. Sammo Hung and Jeeja are good starts, but I’d like to see him go with Donnie Yen. Heck, since JC is doing one more Armor of God film, his final full on action film, maybe a bout between him and Jaa would work? I can dream!


  5. Were u able to put together the video review episode yall did a while ago?? Would like to see if it looks good?


  6. Michael, have you heard about Hong Kong’s gonna remaking Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Donnie Yen and Cecilia Cheung? AFAIK, they called it; Assassin Couple, or something.

    What do you think? 🙂


  7. Hadn’t heard about it until now, but it could be interesting. Donnie is on a hot streak right now, so we’ll see if he can sustain it. Hey, Hollywood has been remaking good Asian films wholesale lately, so it’s time for Asian cinema to return the favor.


    • Crazy enough I haven’t reviewed any of Jacky Wu Jing’s films (which reader Fern constantly points out–and rightly so) outside of SPL, but I’m getting to some of his work in the next few months. Gotta get some classic guys on this site first! Some notables haven’t even made a first appearance…care to guess who they are?


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  8. I absolutely LOVE the site! Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to more great reviews! If you ever need a guest blogger/reviewer, let me know…I’m a “sista” with a serious love for quality fight choreography, martial arts in general and (really) good writing.

    Will spread the word!


    • @ Spiral Thanks for checking out the website. If I ever need a guest reviewer I’ll let you know! There’s a lot of good things coming up for this website in 2012! I’ll be updating everyone on those things soon!


  9. Thanks you for your kind comments on our movie BLOOD TIES! I’m enjoying going through your site and catching up and wish you so much success on all your journeys… Respects Kely McClung


  10. Greetings and Peace: We tried to leave a comment about IP Man2, as Darren Shahlavi is our favorite martial artist, here at community development of florida; but, we forgot our password


  11. Great job man!
    Thanks to your awesome reviews that I find my inspiration for martial arts.
    Deeply wishes that your website will continue its excellence with the everlasting-growing flow of martial arts!
    A brother from Vietnam


  12. I love your website. Is there any chance you would review Mark Dacascos’ film Only the Strong? I know it’s an old film, 1993, but I’m curious as to what your take on the movie would be. So far, the people I interacted with either loved it because of its’ idealism, or hated it because of its’ mediocre acting. I happened to love it, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending.


    • @ Cindy Thanks for checking out the website. It’s undergoing a makeover that should debut soon. I am happy to tell you that I already had Only The Strong on deck to review soon. Yes, the acting is just so-so, but the positive message and the focus on Brazilian Capoeria make up for a lot of that. Be sure to subscribe and check back!


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