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Review: Enter The Ninja (1981)

Posted in Mike Stone, Sho Kosugi on July 27, 2015 by Michael S. Moore


Starring Franco Nero, Sho Kosugi, Susan George, Christopher George

Fight Choreography by Mike Stone

Directed By Menahem Golan

God Bless Cannon Films.

There, I said it with no embarrassment. I feel so sad for those who weren’t old enough to bask in the glory of Golan-Globus, for whom the Ninja films of the 80’s wouldn’t have been half as fun as they were, as well as other 80’s creations (like Chuck Norris films). Here we get a ninja film that dares to use the “Enter The…” in its title, which now somehow means it’s the best of its kind EVER. Now if the best of its kind means an Italian-actor-who-knows-no-martial-arts-pretends-to -be-a-ninja-master-for-two-hours-and-features-the-funniest-death-scene-of-a-villain-in-the- history-of-cinema then well, yeah, it is the best of the genre.


The film opens as we meet Cole, a Vietnam war vet (they all had to be in the 80’s) who has just finished his ninja Training in the Philippines, in the most ludicrous testing scene ever, where he runs through and it looks as if he’s killed like a dozen guys (even giving a dude a throwing star to the face! To the Face!) and then, after testing is done, those very same dudes walk back in like “it’s nothing. He never really hurt us. That blood? Nah, it was fake. Has anyone seen Yoshi?”. During his celebration dinner, Hasagawa (Kosugi) has to bitch out and point out that yes, somewhere in the film he’s going to be a BAD GUY. Cole leaves the dojo to visit his friend, Frank Landers, a fellow war veteran who is having problems with a local businessman named Venarius. who won’t take no for an answer, and a series of escalating attacks forces Cole to take up his ninja training in order to end once and for all, which brings him to a final confrontation with Hasagawa…


This…is a supremely stupid movie. Terrible acting, even worse martial arts. Having said that, it’s quite a lot of fun. Cole is at one point a hero and an asshole, as midway through the film he sleeps with his best friend’s wife with absolutely no remorse or regret whatsoever! Even funnier is, without a doubt, one of the funniest death scenes in the history of modern cinema, as Venarius dies by throwing star in one of the, well, you gotta watch this for yourself:

Venarius’ man servant is also one of my favorite characters. Respectful to the very end, he’s so respectful and British even the good guys can’t bring themselves to hurt him! Sho Kosugi is, well, Sho Kosugi, who does what he does best, and is the only person who doesn’t completely embarrass himself. The fight scenes are good, at least when the stuntman for Franco Nero kicks in and does his work. Everything else looks Adam West/William Shatner bad. But it’s really so bad it’s funny.

Kiai-Kick’s Grade: 4

Franco Nero headlines a film that encapsulates everything that Cannon Films represents: preposterous stories, ridiculous but fun action, and terrible acting. And Sho Kosugi being awesome.


LBP Stunts Chicago presents Monster!

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LBP Stunts Chicago continue their excellent work as we get another jam directed by Emmanuel Manzanares, starring Bryan Sloyer who has doing awesome work lately as a guy who’s being beaten by a group of paid thugs and turns the table on them to brutal effect. It reminds me so much of the kind of action seen in the The Raid and The Raid 2, particularly with the knife and baseball bat fights. Watch the coolness below!


Cornered is appearing at the Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin TX!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.33.06 PM

Kiai-Kick Film’s “Cornered” among lineup at Third Annual Capital City Black Film Festival and Historical Harlem Lights! Awards Show

Austin,TX – July 23, 2015 –Kiai-Kick Films announced today that its martial arts action short film Cornered has been invited to the third annual Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF), an Austin, Texas-based organization dedicated to films written or directed and produced by Blackfilmmakers, films with Black actors in principle roles or that are about Black characters,subject matter or issues related to the Black community.

“Cornered” is a martial arts 90’s style actioner about Austin super cop Adam Matrix, who finds himself running a gauntlet of lethal fighters in order to save a young woman and keep a superweapon out of the hands of Texas underworld boss Kellogg Deveroux.

Cornered is among 60 films that will be shown throughout the three-day festival that includes networking, panel discussions, workshops, dynamic film screenings and parties.

“I am incredibly happy that Cornered will be a part of the Capital City Black Film Festival.”, says director Michael S. Moore, “Cornered features something sorely missing from action cinema: an African-American hero in a genre of film that needs more heroes of color. I was blessed to work with a talented and diverse cast and crew.”

The Festival will begin this year with Harlem Lights!, which includes a reception at 6:30 p.m. and the show starting at 7:30 p.m., August 13, 2015 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin,TX. Harlem Lights! highlights the history of Austin Area African Americans in film, will feature live music, rare photographs, film clips, local actors and will be hosted by film, television and theater veteran Julius Tennon. This historical presentation honors Austin’s own Harlem Theater and lifetime achievement awards will be given to Austin’s own Tennon, actress, comedian, music performer “Damita Jo” LeBlanc, and jazz musician Gil Askey, one of the architects of the famous Motown sound.

“This year’s films represent the rich talent we have in this country and around the world both in front of and behind to camera,” said Winston G. Williams, Executive Director of CCBFF.

Tennon, Co-President and Producer of JuVee Productions, and his wife, award-winning actress Viola Davis, have been supporters of CCBFF since its inception because they felt having a Black film presence in Austin was long overdue.

“Black films are important because they give African-American artists a place to showcase their work to our community, and to the wider communities across the country,” said Tennon.

“They serve to shine a light on our stories and struggles, but more importantly, our success. They show that we are a force, and what we have to say stands for something.”

Each year CCBFF has used opening night to elevate the arts. This year local, influential organizations are adding to the prestige, including partnerships with the Austin History Center, the Texas Preservation of Black History Project and the African American Cultural Heritage District.

After a tremendous inaugural year in September 2013 and experiencing unexpected growth in 2014, CCBFF continues to grow, going from two to five screens with a diverse slate of feature films, documentary/feature films, short films, documentary/short films and music videos. The film ratings will range from G through the maximum of R.


For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Media Contact: Michael S Moore (

Media Contact: CCBFF

Andrea Anderson

A Signature Group


Event: Capital City Black Film Festival

When: Thursday, August 13, 2015, Friday, August 14, 2015, and

Saturday, August 15, 2015.

Where: Palmer Events Center 900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas


Buy Tickets:

About the Capital City Black Film Festival:

Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) is a Texas film festival based in Austin, the Capital of Texas. The festival’s goal is to bring together talented African Americans involved in media and the film industry to provide burgeoning Black filmmakers from across the nation an opportunity to showcase their work in one of the top cities in the United States for independent filmmakers. CCBFF also educates filmmakers on the vast resources available to them in Austin and in Texas.

About Kiai-Kick Films:

Kiai-Kick Films is an Austin based movie studio specializing in martial arts and action cinema. Created by Michael S. Moore, editor of the martial arts review website, as a way to make the action films he would want to see. Action films that include fascinating characters and exciting martial arts scenes, featuring a diverse group of fight choreographers and stunt men/women. You can find out more about Michael and Kiai-Kick Films at

Z Team comes roaring back with the webseries Drained World!

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Z Team, the group behind what was my favorite martial arts film of 2014 in Die Fighting, return here with the pilot episode for their web series Drained World, a dystopian story following Frank, a lone wanderer after the world is nearly annihilated due to the Nuclear War of World War Three. The tone of the story, from the opening and the song that plays, is somber and lonely, just as it should be. The web series has some tremendous fight scenes (that dude who gets 360’d and then punched in the air is my favorite moment) which are shot in some very original ways, and dammit those guys are gonna start accusing me of stalking them with the praise I keep heaping on them, but it’s as deserved here as it was for Die Fighting, and I’m excited to see what they have in store for the rest of the series. Fabien Garcia rocks the fight choreography as well as pulling off some really impressive moves, and is joined by Christy St. John and Antoine Piquet.

I can’t help but wonder if this may make a better feature film than a web series, but I’d have to see more, but there is a tremendous amount of ambition here.  Watch the film below, and follow them on Facebook here, and even donate money to fund this really, really interesting effort.

Looking good, guys! Looking really good!

Cornered has been accepted into the Capital City Black Film Festival!

Posted in Aaron Alexander, Bobby Hernandez, Donald Brooks Jr, Michael Moore on July 18, 2015 by Michael S. Moore


Cornered has made it to its first festival! Right now all episodes are offline (temporarily) per festival rules, but if you want to see how the story ends, for now you’ll have to attend this awesome festival right here in Austin Texas, from August 13-15th!



I’m really proud of the people who helped me bring my ideas to life, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work in what was a grueling Texas summer! Cornered has been submitted to more festivals, and I’ll let you know where you can see it next, and also when the series will return online! You can find out more information on the festival website here. Everyone is welcome, and I hope to see some of you there!

Daniel Wu rocks it in AMC’s Into The Badlands!

Posted in Daniel Wu on July 11, 2015 by Michael S. Moore


I have to say that this looks really good after a lot of misgivings I had upon hearing about this series. I mean let’s face it, American martial arts on TV has never been very good, the high water mark being Martial Law with Sammo Hung. Daniel Wu looks like a badass (I have no idea how good his martial arts skills are overall, but looks really good here). Of course once you put “I’m a walking badass” Stephen Lang in the series and I’m sold. The series gives off a southern post apocalyptic flavor, but I still don’t know if this our world or an alternate reality one. Either way, I’ll be watching. Check out this first trailer!